The HIGHSPOT project is a strategic pillar in the international affirmation of the portuguese Cluster Engineering & Tooling, promoting abroad the collective brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” in strategic markets with high potential for cluster’s companies.

Under HIGHSPOT, a set of activities and actions are carried out that aim to provide companies with more information on good business practices and on markets. These actions aim mainly the international promotion of the brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” in strategic international markets, contributing to the reinforcement of the positioning of the companies of the Engineering & Tooling cluster in the supply markets, and the distinctive competencies of the cluster in designing, engineering and rapid prototyping, manufacturing molds and tools and plastic products.

Started in 2017, the HIGHSPOT project promotes the following activities in 2019 (the complete List is available here):

16 -23 October, 2019
Participation in K Fair (Düsseldorf-Germany)
5-7 June, 2019
Mission to USA, focusing on medical devices market
29-01 a 1-02-2019
Participation at Interplástica - Moscow - Rússia
26-02 a 28-02- 019
Participation at Made from Plastics - Valência - Spain
19-02 a 21-02-2019
Participation at the Automotive Meetings - Querétaro - México
5-03 a 8-03-2019
Participation at MIDEST - Lyon – França
Visit to the Silesia Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing cluster - Katowice - Polónia
1-04 a 5-04-2019
Participation at Hannover Messe - Hannover - Alemanha
10 e 11-04-2019
Participation at Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo - Manchester – United Kingdom

The HIGHSPOT project is funded by Portugal 2020 under the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program in the amount of 411.116 thousand euros from the European Regional Development Fund.