The Cluster and the Collective Brand

Engineering & Tooling


The Engineering & Tooling sector is recognized worldwide as one of the most technologically advanced and offers added value in the design and production of molds, special tools and high precision machined parts. Engineering & Tooling is one of the most dynamic areas of the portuguese economy, helping to reinforce the image and weight of Portugal in the world economy.

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To affirm the “Engineering & Tooling” sector as strategic for the development of the portuguese economy, reinforcing the exporting and international character as well as the capacity to create added value of the sector.


  • Promote the cooperation, allowing companies to achieve synergies that would be difficult to develop if they worked isolated from their partner-competitors;
  • Put the sector in the top 5 worldwide, according to ISTMA’s indicators – The International Special Tooling & Machining Association, in the areas of productivity, innovation and qualification of its human resources;
  • Promote knowledge and innovation;
  • Promote the internationalization of the cluster and the collective brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal”;
  • Achieve high levels of recognition of the brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” at national and international level;
  • Contribute to reducing the sector’s dependence on the automotive industry;
  • Ensure a significant increase in the weight of other strategic sectors such as energy, environment, electronics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals and aeronautics in total cluster sales.

The Cluster

Having emerged within the molds, plastics and specialty tools industry, the “Engineering & Tooling” competitiveness cluster was recognized by IAPMEI in June 2009.

“The competitiveness clusters are knowledge and competence aggregation platforms, made up of partnerships and networks that integrate companies, business associations, public entities and relevant support institutions, namely non-corporate entities of the research and innovation system, which share a strategic vision to achieve higher levels of competitive capacity through cooperation. “

In Regulamento de Reconhecimento dos Clusters de Competitividade

In this context, the “Engineering & Tooling” cluster integrates an open business, scientific and technological community, with companies, universities, training centers and technology centers among its main
stakeholders. It is a highly internationalized cluster, in constant evolution. Acting worldwide and exporting more than 90% of the national production to more than 120 countries, the cluster has as main markets the automotive, aeronautical and aerospace industry, medical and pharmaceutical devices, electronics and domestic utilities. It is an industry based on innovative technologies and processes, promoting the brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” and the portuguese engineering competences worldwide.

The cluster represents around 2.500 companies in the molds, special tools and plastics sectors and approximately 45,000 direct jobs, being recognized as infrastructural and multidisciplinary, taking into account its position in the development of most industrial products.

The strength of the cluster lies in the ability to integrate processes.

Sustained in decades of accumulated know-how, Portuguese companies today offer a fully integrated service that includes:

  • Design of new products
  • Product and development engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Choice of materials
  • Production of molds
  • Testing and production services

O Engineering & Tooling is one of the most dynamic areas of the economy, helping to reinforce the image and weight of Portugal in the world economy.

We are Suppliers of Global Solutions, supported in Innovation, Technology and Know-how!

Pool-Net Association – Portuguese Tooling & Plastics Network

Private, non-profitable institution, whose main objective is the management and coordination of the Engineering & Tooling Cluster, as an operational instrument of the Strategic Plan established for the Portuguese Industry of Moulds, Special Tools and Plastics.

Board Entities (2022-2025)

General Assembly
Composed by the set of its Founding and Adhering Associates.

Board of the General Assembly:

  • President: José Costa (MOLDIT, S.A.)
  • Vice President: Agostinho Carvalho (WeADD, Lda.)
  • Secretary: Claúdia Novo (Erofio, S.A.)

Executive Board
Mandated for three years, it is made up of seven Associates, four of them representing companies, one from CENTIMFE, one from APIP and the other from CEFAMOL.

  • President: João Faustino (CEFAMOL)
  • Vice President: Gonçalo Tomé (AIP)
  • Votting members:
    Joaquim Menezes (IBEROMOLDES S.A.)
    Nuno Silva (CENTIMFE)
    Pedro Colaço (KLC, Lda.)
    Samuel Andrade (Famolde, S.A.)
    Nuno Cipriano (Moliporex S.A.)

Financial Board
Consisting of three members elected by the General Assembly, one of them President, and obligatorily integrating a ROC.

  • President: Jorge Santos (VIPEX, SA)
  • Member: António Pontes (University of Minho)
  • Member: Luís Pinto (ROC)

Consult the Pool-Net Statutes here.

How to join?
To join the Engineering & Tooling Cluster it is necessary to join Pool-Net first. It is necessary that you identify with the purposes pursued by the Association or that you develop activities that fit into the Engineering & Tooling Collective Efficiency Strategy.

Membership Form

The Collective Brand

Being registered at national and European level, the brand “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal” represents the know-how, innovation and technology, quality and reliability, networking, competitiveness and social responsibility, characteristics intrinsic of the cluster.

The creation, use and dissemination of the collective brand has as main goals:

  • To facilitate the identification of the origin of products, services and companies;
  • To consolidate the national and international reputation of the “Engineering & Tooling” industry, on traditional and new markets;
  • To differentiate national supply from international competition;
  • Value our offer to the main customers, contributing to the increase of national exports;

Consult the Brand Book of “Engineering & Tooling from Portugal”.

Brand Adhesion

Interested entities, and that comply with the conditions provided in the Regulation for the Use of the Collective Brand, must fill in the documents and send them to Pool-Net’s address:

For Pool-Net members, the Adhesion process is free of any cost.

Evaluation and Management Decision
After processing the application, the decision for Adhesion will be made by the Management of Pool-Net, within a maximum period of 10 working days.