About the Pool-Net

Created in October 2008 with the purpose of coordinating the Portuguese cluster of molds, special tools and plastics, Pool-Net: Portuguese Tooling & Plastics Network is responsible for bringing this industry together, promoting its integration, together with technological and scientific community. With its headquarters in Marinha Grande, Pool-Net has about 100 members, among which are companies of molds, special tools and plastics, Universities, R & D Centers, Industrial Associations and Public Entities

About the Cluster:

The “Engineering & Tooling” cluster has emerged within the mold industry and integrates an open business, scientific and technological community, with companies, universities, training and technology centers among its key stakeholders. It currently represents around 2.500 companies in the molds, special tools and plastics sectors and around 45.000 direct jobs, being recognized as infrastructural. It is a highly internationalized cluster, in constant evolution. Acting worldwide and exporting more than 90% of the national production to more than 120 countriesThe mission of the cluster is to affirm the Engineering & Tooling sector as strategic for the development of the Portuguese economy, reinforcing the exporting, international character and the capacity to create added value of this cluster.


Pool-Net: Portuguese Tooling & Plastics Network
Edifício OPEN, Zona Industrial
Rua da Bélgica, lote 18,
2430-028 Marinha Grande

Phone: +351 244 570 420
Email: info@toolingportugal.com